Use the following instructions to set your calendars up:

  1. Install and activate FT Calendar on your WordPresspowered web site.

    Admin Menu

  2. Navigate to the Calendars menu item in the left-hand sidebar of your admin screen
  3. Provide your Calendar’s name and select a color for events that will be added to that calendar.The slug and description fields are optional. Save the calendar.

    Calendar Settings

  4. Select which of your Post Types you want to be able to attach calendar events to when creating / editing content.

    Plugin Settings

  5. Navigate to the new post screen and scroll down until you find the ‘Calendar Data’ block.

    Add a new event

  6. Select your Start and End dates and times. Select ‘All Day Event’ or ‘Recurring Event’ if applicable.

    Recurring Events Interface

  7. Click the + icon to add your new event.
  8. Fill in your post Title and Content information and save your post. (You must click the green + sign to add your event.)
  9. Navigate to your Widgets admin and add a couple widgets to your sidebar. You have the following options: ‘Calendar of Events’ displays a mini calendar. ‘List of events’ provides a list of events in ¬†your sidebar. Both widgets have multiple options.

    Admin Interface for Widgets

  10. Navigate to another page or post and insert one of the Shortcodes found on the help screen to display your calendar.

    Shortcode Reference - Help page


That’s it. Enjoy! Here are some more screenshots:

Single Day Display

Month Display

Week Display